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Hiking the Camel's Hump

  • 27-Sep-2014
  • 28-Sep-2014
  • Waitsfield Lodge


CAMELS HUMP HIKE / Sept. 27th – 28th 2014

 We will ascend Camels Hump on Saturday, Sept. 27th in the morning. This is the third highest mountain in Vermont and it is not for beginners. About 2 ½ hours each way, mostly going up with no flat parts, later, all going down. However, it has the most fantastic view of Vermont.

 It is often windy and cold on top, bring a windbreaker or sweater. Also bring good Hiking boots as it is very rocky and often, the rocks are moist. Sunday we can relax or go swimming or take a shorter hike up the top of Mad River…

 I will take the more interesting route that leads past a wreck of an US- airplane from 1944 (see link below).

 Here are some other links about the area and the mountain:
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