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Swiss Ski Club of New York

How to Go Skiing with Us

Ok, you're ready for the SSC. How do you go skiing with us? The first thing to do is contact the reservationist whose name is on the calendar or event  for that weekend. If you are unable to reach the reservationist or there is no reservationist, please contact our tour manager at  Refer to our calendar or the event's flyer for specific dates, event information, etc. 

Reservations generally begin three Wednesdays prior to the weekend.  Reservations are accepted until 8 pm on the Thursdays before most other weekends.  Bus Trips have their own reservation schedule and must be prepaid.  We recommend you sign up as soon as possible.  There is a "first come, first served" advantage, as the reservationist will explain.

  • Members can stay at the Lodge at any time for up to one week (7 nights) per visit.  No scheduled event is necessary.   Longer stays may be approved by request to the Lodge Manager ( ).
  • Non-Members (Friends) are welcomed at the Lodge whenever a Member is present, attendees should be 21 years of age, unless accompanied by a parent. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.
  • Contact the Tour Manager: if there is no reservationist for the dates of your stay.
  • We keep costs to a minimum by sharing chores (great way to get to know your fellow weekenders).

Have a question not answered here? To have an SSC member contact you, email us at

What does a weekend cost?                    

                               2018-2019 rates 

  Members Friend Notes
 SUMMER - 2017-2018
  Unofficial Rate per Night
(excluding Labor Day weekend)

$30   $40  No meals *
Effective  Memorial Day weekend May 26 until October 31, 2018 
WINTER - 2018-2019

Rate per Night

$40/night $50/night No meals *
Effective November 1, 2018 - Memorial Day May 31, 2019
Bus Trips -  2 day Weekend
(2 weeks or less prior to trip)





ncludes round trip bus ride, and the tip for the driver 

2 breakfasts, 1 dinner
brown bag meal for rides on Friday and Sunday

Bus Trips  - 3 day Weekend
(2 weeks or less prior to trip)


Includes round trip bus ride, and the tip for the driver 

3 breakfasts, 2 dinners,
brown bag meal for rides on Friday and Monday

Family/Family Friendly Weeks:

Children Age 5 or younger

free Must be approved by reservationist

Children Age 6-through 20

50% of applicable rate 50% of applicable rate Unofficial: <12 people
Official: 12 people or more

Sugarbush Lift Ticket Vouchers

 Stowe Lift Ticket


  • Non-member spouses pay friends’ rates.
  • Late arrivals on official weekends pay weekend rate.
  • Children 21 or younger must be accompanied by an adult member or friend
Other Rate Note
Soda $1.50
Beer, Wine, Bar Drinks $3.50
Dinner guests $15.00 Includes Wine
Carpool Rate
$30.00 Per passenger, one way,
to the driver
                                 * No meals - the group decides its own meal schedule. The group shops for its food and shares the additional cost.  Sometimes the group chooses to dine out for one dinner, but it is not mandatory and some or all may prepare a meal at the lodge. Whether a weekend is Official or Unofficial, it is coordinated by an SSC member attendee serving as Hutmaster.

If you don't have a car, let our reservationist know.  We will try to pair you with a driver or others looking for rides willing to rent a car. However, the club does not guarantee rides to the lodge, unless it is a bus trip.

Cancellations and late arrivals
The reservation deadline is also the cancellation deadline.

Bus Trip weekends:

The early bird registration deadline or 14 days prior to the trip, whichever is earlier is the cancellation deadline for full refunds.   No refunds will be offered after the cancellation deadline.   There will be no refund for no-shows. $50 Processing fee included in the price, is non-refundable.

What's the "fine print" in your reservation policies?

  • Reservations left on answering machines or by email are not valid until the reservationist confirms to you by phone or email.
  • Attendees may pay by cash or check on the last day of the weekend.  Sorry, but we don't take credit cards except for prepayment of certain events.
  • Bus Trips require payment in full to confirm your reservation.  
  • Pets are not permitted at the lodge, and smoking is not allowed indoors.  Smokers may use the porch to indulge. Pets will have to stay home for the weekend.

What do I bring? What don't I bring?
Please bring your own sheets, pillowcase and towel.  Alternatively, many people bring a sleeping bag for the bed. Blankets and pillows are provided.  Bring a swimsuit if you want to use the sauna.  Your reservationist will provide you with other details about car pools, pickup points, ski transport, etc.

Do I have to be a member to ski with you?
You don't have to be a member to ski with the SSC.  But we would really enjoy meeting you at one of our Wednesday meetings or other NYC events beforehand.

I'm driving, how do I find the lodge?
Your reservationist will provide directions, or your passenger will know the way.

Family week, what are the rules for children?

  • We love kids as much as anyone, but except for designated family-friendly weekends, attendees should be 21 years of age, unless accompanied by a parent. Exceptions might be made on a case by case basis, contact the Tour Manager or the Bus trip Manager.
  • Members with children are welcomed to bring children of any age. Non-members with children must be introduced by a member and member must be present during their stay.  Non-member's children must be older than 5 years old or should be otherwise cleared by the Executive committee.
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