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  • Super Snow! (Sat-Sun, Jan 20-21) - VT

Super Snow! (Sat-Sun, Jan 20-21) - VT

  • 20-Jan-2018
  • 21-Jan-2018
  • Swiss Ski Club Lodge - VT
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  • Approved Registration Required. Registration is not official until confirmed by Reservationist or Tour Manager. (Automatic acknowledgement of form submittal is NOT that confirmation.)

    Payment payable morning of departure, in cash or check, or online

Meals arranged between the registrants, assigned Dinner Chef and the Hutmaster.


Super Snow!
Sat-Sun, January 20-21

Whatever the temperature outside, it's cozy in our lodge. So after your day of skiing, boarding, or whatever, come back for a sauna, happy hour, maybe a nap, conversation with new friends, dinner, and make a party! 

Sunday is flexible -- after breakfast and conditions permitting, maybe have a go at Mad River Glen. 

And if your driver or riders like, see a bit more of our wonderful Waitsfield (complete with covered bridge) before you head home. 

 Any question? Contact the Reservationist, Dana, at  

She'll arrange carpools to find you a ride or riders. 

For details, see Rates and Procedures or contact Reservationist.

For what to bring and more information, please see FAQsTypical Weekend,Our Vermont Lodge, and the rest of our site.

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